10 Years of Honoring the Service and Sacrifice of our Veterans

Since 2011, Cumberland County has hosted Heroes Homecoming—the largest commemoration and reunion in North Carolina. It is our way of celebrating and honoring all veterans for their efforts and defense of our freedom, now and forever.

This year, Heroes Homecoming also recognizes military family members for their honor, bravery, courage and sacrifice. When service members join the military, their families join with them. Long separations, frequent moves, inconsistent schedules, and the toll of injuries on both service members and their families can all add up. Military families know what it truly means to serve. They are the quiet but steady fuel at home that keeps the fire burning.

Starting Nov. 5, 2022, help our team and our community partners honor these families all week long. We’ll kick off the festivities with our annual Veterans Day parade, organized by Cumberland County. This year’s celebration will include more than 15 events hosted by 35 local organizations. From parades and student-led initiatives to lectures, festivals, cultural celebrations and recognition ceremonies, all Heroes Homecoming events will pay tribute to the continued service of our brave veterans and their families.

Be sure to follow Heroes Homecoming on Facebook for more information about how you can participate.


A Place to Call Home

As the point of departure and return for hundreds of thousands of soldiers, our area offers a place to recharge, unwind and enjoy the energy of a distinctly vibrant community. In 2011, our inaugural Heroes Homecoming honored Vietnam Veterans. But saying thank you was just the first step. Now, we host over 35 events to celebrate and honor our heroes.


Reserved to honor over 80,000 American military members who left their homes, families, and friends to defend our freedoms and never made it home. Please join us in our commitment to never forget the Americans whose fate
remains unknown.